Hongkong Li Jing has come to Shanghai for nearly 1 years. At first, fake louis vuitton she hesitated a month for the relocation decision, be forced to leave one's hometown is bad, good promotion: from buyer to buyer manager.
Li Jing Company is GUCCI. To the mainland, she needs to travel frequently, with Shanghai as the starting point to more than 20 provided with GUCCI shops in the city. Each to a place, Li Jing are carefully observed each city people dress, local food, local commercial louis vuitton bags facilities and shopping environment. Every market differences let she beat all, this complexity bring her and work in Hongkong completely different experience.
1 years ago, Li Jing in Hongkong GUCCI work or team support decision makers; now, she is OK clappers decide what to buy goods manager. This promotion, from GUCCI China management structure changes.
At the beginning of 2012, the mainland from the original GUCCI fake louis vuitton China belonging stripping out in the Greater China region, with Hongkong as a regional headquarters in Macao and Taiwan and, concurrently in two markets. After the adjustment of Hongkong office authority is reduced, the unified management of Hong Kong and Macao and the mainland market from the past, only need to be responsible for the Hongkong local market, while the GUCCI is located in Shanghai of mainland office is in part to replace the Hongkong past roles.
Is the change of the company structure to Shanghai, or in Hongkong, Li Jing and her colleagues need to reconsider the problem.
2012 Hongkong office cheap louis vuitton decision-making powers of luxury brands and more than GUCCI, the Louis Vuitton is one of the. Before this, Hongkong is LV (thematic reading) Asia Pacific headquarters, management of the entire Asia Pacific market. But after last year after the adjustment, the Southeast Asian market by the Singapore Management, Chinese mainland, Macao and Taiwan market is taken over by the Shanghai office, Hongkong office management scope also leaves Hongkong in the local market.
On the surface, inside the two brands, Hongkong and fake louis vuitton office are respectively provided with two chief executives, they from past relationships into flat relations. But from the management of the market point of view, Shanghai office decision range is clearly more.
The Hongkong office and the office of power on the mainland, comparative luxury market forces with Hongkong and the mainland is closely related to the. According to the statistics of Bain, 2012 sales of luxury goods in mainland has more than two times in Hongkong, up to 115000000000 yuan. For luxury operator, to focus on a profit contribution to greater market is indeed a reasonable choice.
The international well-known cheap louis vuitton brand research company Millward Brown announced the 2013 global top 100 best brand, Louis Weedon Louis Vuitton (LV (thematic reading)) is to brand the market capitalization of about $22700000000 a firm fine class fake louis vuitton leader, the rest of the brand in order of Hermes Hermes, Gu Chi Gucci, PRADA Rolex, Prada, Rolex Chanel, Cartire Cartier, Chanel Burberry, Fendi and Coach.
LV, the top three, gucci Hermes
Although Louis Weedon Louis Vuitton cheap louis vuitton again in 2013 to become the most valuable luxury brands, but the overall brand value than last year dropped 12 percentage points, not classified in the rankings also fell 8 places, to twenty-ninth this year from 21, fake louis vuitton compared with thirty-fifth of the ZARA value gap less than $3000000000. Because China government "sumptuary policy" cause of luxury consumption behavior, the European economic slowdown in Asia is still in the doldrums, passenger expectations and other factors, so that luxury brand development Co., focus on Chinese market Louis Weedon Louis Vuitton naturally influenced by the.
But like the brand such as Burberry louis vuitton bags can early and adjustment of enterprise development strategy, the USA market into account, may be made of black turns red is not to be Chinese sumptuary policy too big effect. American "hit and" at the same time in the Chinese, take fake louis vuitton visa policy loose, ushered in a number of passengers Chinese, Brazil, one of the China travelers buy luxury goods in China are limited, so the requirement to the development of overseas countries, American luxury consumption that benefits.
In the luxury brand, this year for the first time into the top 100 PRADA although only 95, but the performance is quite outstanding, brand value growth of 63 percentage points, is a luxury class most, thanks to the PRADA is committed to expand sales channels and dense, the focus shifts to the Middle East and the Americas, reduce dependence on the Asia Pacific market brand, make great success.
Under the influence cheap louis vuitton of environment economy continued to fake louis vuitton decline, the luxury brand in the revenue is still maintain growth, in addition to expand more emerging market may, adjust product content towards the exquisite and unique, the use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, direct communication with customers, and provide personalized services in the network and the physical store, only then louis vuitton bags has the opportunity to make the brand value continuously upgrade.